"When we mentioned Dean’s speech to Sam in episode 10.03 to Ackles, he was quick to point out that it was Demon Dean saying these things. “There’s been some serious things said to each other, by each other, in the past that they always move past,” Ackles pointed out. He recalled a big scene at the end of the season 4 episode “When the Levee Breaks” when “[Dean finally catches] up with Sam where Ruby is feeding him demon blood and we get into a big fight in this hotel room, and I say ‘you walk out that door, you’re no longer my brother’ and he’s like ‘see ya!’ and walks out. So there have been things, you know, that these brothers have done to each other over the course of ten years that most people would not recover from — yet they always do. And I think that…someone asked me a minute ago, will these brothers ever give up on each other — they haven’t and they won’t.” But will they talk out their issues? “No, they’re guys! You know guys on television aren’t allowed to talk about their feelings,” Ackles joked, then went on to explain “There will always be the reflective scene at the end of the episode where they try to get somewhat emotional, try to scratch the surface of, you know, some sort of soft spot, but at the end of the day, Sam will come through with Dean and get Dean back and it’ll be one of those things where we’re like ‘do we need to talk about it?’ ‘Not unless you want to.’ ‘Nope? Alright, let’s get a hamburger’.”"